I took my baby to Coachella: My experience and why.

Last year, my husband and I decided to take our then ten month old son to the Coachella music festival. We have been avid Coachella music festival-goers for about five years now, minus the year I was pregnant. Therefore, we had some experience with the festival and what to expect. Over the past few years there has been a wide controversy around families at the festival. You can read various articles bashing parents for taking their kids to the festival. To name a few famous ones: Alessandra Ambrosio and Alicia Silverstone. Ambrosio took her then 5 year old daughter and Silverstone her toddler son. While I am in no way trying to “defend” my decision through this post, today I share why I decided to take my son, what my experience was, and whether I would recommend it.

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Bunny Easter Wreath DIY + Spring DIY Pinterest Roundup

diy bunny easter wreathMy neighbors may think I’m weird, but I love changing the wreath on our front door for every “holiday.” I also like to decorate the front living room based on the season but that will be for another post. Today I will be sharing with you how I made our Bunny Easter Wreath. I will also be sharing with you a few other DIY’s from fellow #mommybloggers to get you in the spirit and spark that DIY bug up.

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Casual Mom Outfit at the Zoo.

Casual Mom Outfit at the LA Zoo

Being a mommy to a toddler means running around all day. As much as I would love to dress up and wear heels during the weekend, most of the time I usually opt for a more casual look. When I am with my little one, my top priority is comfort. It’s tiring enough running behind an almost two year old. With that being said, sometimes I struggle finding an outfit that is casual, comfortable, and “stylish”.

The outfit I share with you today is one I wore for a day at the Los Angeles Zoo a few weeks back. I had initially planned a warmer weather outfit, but Southern California surprised us that weekend with a few rainstorms. After seeing the forecast I decided to wear something a bit more cozy.

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Product Review: Kite Shield Mosquito Repellent

Product Review: Kite Shield Mosquito Repellent

I may be exaggerating but as much as I love winter, I cannot stand the sense of cabin fever I experience. Living in Southern California we don’t get very cold weather, but this year we did experience several rainstorms. Some even flooded freeways and homes near us. With that said, I couldn’t wait for the nicer climate that comes with Spring. Although not officially spring, we have been experiencing much nicer weather here, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and of course the mosquitos are biting. Apart from the itchy bites, mosquitos also carry and spread some of the world’s worst diseases such as encephalitis, yellow fever, malaria, dengue, and Zika. Today I’m giving you a quick review on the Kite Shield Mosquito Repellant.

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3 Tips to Help Your Child Master Sleep, plus Little Sleepyhead Pillow Review.

Help your child master sleep and toddler pillow review. Daniel Tiger. Little Sleepyhead Pillow. Toddler Pillow.

When you are expecting, the number one advice you receive is: enjoy yours sleep. I had zero complications during my pregnancy, I slept like a baby until a day before my son was born. Our son’s first night was perfect, he was born close to midnight and after all of the initial mumbo jumbo was done, he slept throughout the night without a single cry. With the exception of a metaphorical bump on the road the first few nights home, our son was a great sleeper. I say “was” because when he hit the three-month mark something happened.

Since day one, Nicholas has slept in his own room, in his crib. We decided to skip the crib alternatives and it seemed to work for us. When he was three months old, however, we found ourselves waking up several times throughout the night and running to his nursery. The three-month sleep regression hit us hard and it lasted several months. Unfortunately, the regression occurred right as my maternity leave was ending and I was returning to work. Breastfeeding lying down became my favorite position and best friend. This way, I was able to get some rest and nurse while my husband took care of both our son and myself.

Suddenly a few weeks into Nicholas’ six months, something magical happened. It was like if something just clicked. In retrospect, it wasn’t that easy, but after several sleepless nights it sure seemed magical. Today I will be sharing with you some tips that have helped my son sleep through the night.

This is a sponsored post in which I received free product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts & opinions are 100% my own. This post also contains affiliate links to which I earn a small percentage of sales. This in no way changes the cost to you.

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Polka Dots in Court: A Casual Office Outfit

My first outfit post received such great support so I am incorporating more fashion and beauty posts to the blog. Make sure to stay connected and don’t miss a beat as new and exciting things are coming to the blog.

I had promised on Facebook that I was going to have this post up earlier today but I had a very awkward day. Somehow, someway, on my walk to court this morning I managed to cut my ankle. Initially I thought I had just hit myself so I kept on walking. I realized after going through security and looking down at my shoes that there was blood on my foot. (yuck!) Although minimal, the cut caused my foot to swell up. Putting any pressure on it hurt horribly. The pain is now gone and I [hopefully]may be able to walk tomorrow without limping. What a day, right? The good thing about this incident is that I realized I should have a little first aid kit with me — and possibly slow down haha. Now onto the outfit post.

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4 Reasons Why I Want My Son To Play With Dolls.

Reasons Why Boys Should Play With DollsWhat’s your take on boys playing with dolls? This past week American Girl announced the release of its first ever male doll, Logan. The news has been received with joy and excitement by many. The release comes after years of requests by parents for the brand to expand. Others have turned against American Girl and questioned why the company is trying to “alter gender roles” with their latest release. I, for one, as mommy to a toddler boy am with the first group. If we are being honest here, I had already pinned how to make my son his own “American Boy Doll”.

Today I share with you ? reasons why a boy doll is great for the little boys in our lives.

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Ten Ways I am Rocking Motherhood and You Can Too.

I never really saw myself as a mother. As an only child, I enjoy peace, quiet, and personal space. The thought of having children in my home for more than a few hours stressed me out. About two years ago, however, suddenly babies became more adorable, strollers became appealing, and yeah you guessed it, I became pregnant. When my son was born, he turned my world upside down. Motherhood has been an amazing adventures thus far.

One thing I don’t enjoy about motherhood, however, are the so-called “mommy wars.” My first encounter with mommy wars was in a forum when I was pregnant. My second experience came when my son was born and I looked for support due to the difficulty I was experiencing with breastfeeding. I was met with various comments calling me a “bad mom” because I was thinking of foregoing breastfeeding.

As parents we have more than enough on our plates We are all in this together and at the end of the day we are the only ones who truly understand what each of us is going through. Whether we are stay at home moms, working moms, moms of one, or moms of ten, we are all moms. We should be our greatest supporters. Since February is the month of love, I have decided to share with you ten ways that I am rocking motherhood and I invite you to share the ways you are rocking motherhood (or fatherhood.) Remember, we are all different and rock in our own special way.

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Valentine’s Day DIY’s, Treats, & Round Up.

Last week as I was talking to a Judge she told me that some of her friends wanted Valentine’s day to become a federal holiday. She rolled her eyes at them and we proceeded to laugh at the idea. Now, while I am not going to go as far as signing a petition to make it a federal holiday, I do have to confess that all of the DIY’s and treats for the day make me super happy. I had several DIY projects in mind this year, but due to time constraints I decided to stick with simple ones that I could get my little one involved in.

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Lessons For My Son About The New U.S. President.

I had planned a post regarding the Presidential Inauguration as a follow-up to the post I wrote the day after the elections, which you can read here. For some reason, however, I just could not sit down and write. Maybe it was my subconscious trying to avoid the subject altogether. I’m not sure, but can you blame me?

When I think about how the new president and his actions will affect those around me, as a parent the most important person is no longer myself. My biggest concern is now the little brown eyed boy sitting in front of me who truly has no idea about what is going on around him. The days after the election were filled with numbness. I began to question whether we really did need to make America great again because the amount of people that came out and supported a platform based on racism, bigotry, hate, and division was appaling to me. The fact that our country was apparently not ready to elect a woman as president, or at least this particular woman, was not the worst. The worst of it all was that such a high number of Americans had so willingly elected someone into office who had previously and continuously disrespected women, bad mouthed and generalized immigrants, publicly made fun of someone with disabilities, and the list goes on.

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