The Potty Training Chronicles: Our Journey to a Diaper Free Toddler – Part 1

Over the past seventeen months my little one has achieved countless of milestones. While not all [milestones] were greeted with the same enthusiasm (I’m looking at you, tummy time) they were all eventually mastered. When I see how active and fearless my little guy is, it is definitely difficult to believe that just a little less than a year and a half ago he was a defenseless little infant fighting jaundice. (You can read about that here.)

We are now able to have conversations with him, even if we don’t really understand what he is saying 90% of the time. He has quickly grasped the idea that “shao shao” or shower time means say bye to everyone, grab your towel, and walk to the bathroom. He also now knows that before bedtime and in the morning we “brush teeth” and he gives me his toothbrush and toothpaste. Although definitely surprised at how he grasps concepts and routines, I know that him learning these activities haven’t required much “teaching.”

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Mommy and Son Outfit Of The Day, The Desert Is Our Backdrop.


I am a boy’s mom. There are no cute little dresses or adorable little skirts in my house, well unless you count mine (lol). Pre motherhood, I always thought girls had more of a selections hen it came to clothes and accessories. Over this past year and a half, however, I have found how adorable boys’ style can be too. My favorite, is when my husband and son dress alike or when I can match my son. Of course, this will only fly for a few more years.

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3 Money Saving Tips for your Children’s Christmas.


Christmas is in seven weeks and you know what that means … we have to start getting ready to battle out other moms at the toy aisles at Target! Just kidding. Unless you want to, but if you shop early, smart, and even second-hand no battling will be necessary. I only have one child and he is one year old so shopping for him is not necessarily difficult or expensive, but I love a good deal because that means I can spend that money on gifts for the rest of my family. I kick off my Christmas Posts with three simple tips that I have been using to make my little one’s second Christmas magical while not breaking the bank.

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Pumpkin Empanadas for the Holidays.


A few weeks ago I mentioned in a post that my husband had made some delicious pumpkin empanadas. I promised I would share the recipe and here it is, finally! You can go ahead and read that post here. Before we begin, it is only fair for me to say that I cannot cook to save my life. While I like baking, my baking is also very limited. This was all my husband’s product, he even grew the pumpkins used in our very own backyard. I just watched and well, ate the final (yummy) product.

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A Day In The Life Of A Working Mom.


I am a full time working mother. My career as an attorney requires that I commute to several surrounding counties either to represent my clients in court or visit them in jail. This means that while sometimes I am able to come home early and spend time with my son, the majority of the time I find myself eating lunch in my car and out of the home for almost 12 hours. It’s not easy but it is manageable. And as odd as it may sound, its what I have wanted to do ever since I can remember.

The problem comes at night when the working mom guilt kicks in. I was only able to spend quality time with my child for two or three hours before he went to bed. I missed a great milestone that he accomplished or I just can’t believe my little boy is getting so big and I will never get these days back.

Being a working mother and having a career is difficult. Nonetheless, I love both and with pride enjoy both of those titles. Being an attorney is something I feel I have been preparing for for most of my life. And the latter,

There are definitely days when I get a text from my mom, who is my son’s care taker, and I want to rush home to be with my little one. I don’t want to witness his childhood through pictures. But I love my career and could never imagine leaving it to be a stay at home mom (SAHM). I have an immense respect for stay at home mothers. Most of the time I wonder, how do they do it? I have collaborated with fellow mommy blogger and SAHM Jasmine from Love, Life, Laugh, Motherhood for this post. Jasmine is a first time mom to a 16 month old little boy.

We recently came together and decided to share our experiences as a Working Mother, and a Stay At Home Mom. Today I will be answering her questions about being a Working Mom, and if you want to know what I asked her about being a SAHM you can head on over to her blog. This is a post that I am definitely excited for. Having recently met Jasmine, I feel like I have gotten to know her so much better. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing this post!

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Boy Toddler Gift Guide Under $50


In a previous post I said that the key (or one of the keys) to saving money during the holidays was to start your holiday shopping early. You can read that post here. If you haven’t started shopping, don’t worry. There are still some great deals out there. And well, if worse comes to worst you can always save some money throughout the year to make up for it.

And if you haven’t started shopping because you have no idea what to get your little ones, or are just looking for ideas on what to gift other toddlers, you’ve come to the right place. Today I am sharing a list of toys that will be sure to lighten up your little one’s day. Some are already favorites in our home while others my little one has shown interest in and may be coming to him in December.

To make it even better, none of these toys go over $50!!

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KidloLand, A Children’s Educational App, Review and Giveaway.

I was provided with a free subscription in exchange for my honest review, by KidloLand. All opinions expressed here and in other parts of the blog are honest and 100% my own.

Pre motherhood, I swore to myself that I would not be that mom who just hands over the iPad or iPhone to her child in order to keep him or her entertained and out of my face. I cringed when I saw families out at restaurants not interacting because they all had some sort of electronic device in front of them. This latter one may be due to how I was raised. Since dinner was the one time in the day that my parents and I could share, they truly emphasized conversation during that time. It was my time to talk about anything and everything.

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A Mother’s Thoughts A Day After Election Night.

I normally would not speak about politics on the blog, but this time I just have to let it out.
My heart is numb. I cannot wrap my head around what I experienced last night, what our country experienced. As I sat in my living room, watching the votes come in, with every state that became red my heart sunk a little further. I could not believe this was happening in the country I love. 

Growing up I yearned for the right to vote. As a first generation immigrant, much of my childhood was filled with insecurities, fears, and more importantly hope. Although I was unable to take part in politics I always kept informed. 

Fast forward twenty something years later and I am now an American Citizen. This was the first election I was able to vote in. Voting is different as a parent. You think about how this presidency will affect your child, not just now but in the future. Will this presidency completely change the future of our county for the worst? I believed that this beautiful country I fought so hard to remain in would make the right choice. Nonetheless yesterday night my nightmare became a reality.

Thinking about it, I may not be scared of what our elected president will do. I am scared that despite everything, our country, our people believe him fit to represent us. My heart breaks to know that my son will be going to school with children whose parents believe that bullying, bigotry, racism, sexism and many other isms are okay, as they have elected a man with all of these characteristics to represent us. 

This man does not represent myself or many, many people in this country. This country has been built on the exact opposite of what this man represents. Above all I have to say that I am disheartened because I now realize that hate, bigotry, and prejudice is more prevalent in this country than I could have ever imagined. 

My son is a US Citizen, as is his father and myself. But will he now have to face other’s beliefs about his family members being rapists and drug dealers. Never mind his mother who came here as a child and persevered despite all odds because her immigrant parents gave everything they had for her. 

I am hopeful that this will only last four years and that the elected president will be kept in check. In four years my son will be almost 6 years old. I will try my best to continue supporting the idea that he can and will be anything he wants. That he doesn’t need to fear our beautiful country. That in the end love will in fact trump hate. And hopefully, these will be four years that at the end we can easily close the door on and move forward from.

To say that Trump is not my president does not mean I will not respect him. Of course, respect has to be earned and he will have to respect all of the people of the United States first. Nothing that he has said or done throughout the election merits him our respect. At least not the respect of Black and Brown America.

I ask one thing of you Mr. Trump, have the decency to rightfully represent all of the people of this country. 

And as for Mrs. Clinton, thank you. You have given little girls everywhere the ability to dream and now even more of an urge to fight. Hopefully sooner rather than later we will shatter the highest glass ceiling. 

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Toddler OOTD at the Petting Zoo.


Do you ever feel like you get lost in the hustle and bustle of life? To be honest, in October I felt like I was trampled. Life at the office was hectic, to say the least. I had court more times than I can remember and although I love going to court, this also means that I get less time for office work. Home life then becomes affected since the small amount of “free” time I have at night after Nick goes to sleep is used for office work. This is usually the time I dedicate to my blog, so now you know why I’ve been sort of MIA. In October we also had various commitments including two of our dearest friends’ wedding, and a quirky halloween party. Needless to say, sometimes we just need a lazy day to recharge.

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