Reminiscing On Past Years to Create New Year’s Resolutions.

For a few years now when I think about New Year’s resolutions I go back to December 2010, the last holiday season that my father, mother, and I spent together as a family. The thought usually plays out like a traditional movie shot from outside the home, the camera looks through the window as my family is celebrating inside. The narration then goes something like “and little did they know that was the last holidays they spent together.” 2010 had been a roller coaster for my family, we found ourselves in financial difficulties that we were finally getting over. We were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. We were hopeful. I was scheduled to return to law school after a year off due to our finances. What followed for my family in 2011, however, was heartbreaking on various levels. You can read some of it here. The rest of the story is still too personal and heartbreaking for me to share, even years later. In the middle of 2011 everything changed. My world was turned upside down.

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A Day At The Natural History Museum with a Young Toddler

Visiting museums has always been an interest that my husband and I share. No matter how many times we visit the same museums, we always find something new and fascinating. My personal favorites are always the dinosaur exhibits. Needless to say that I was pretty sad when my husband and son ventured off into the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles last month (on election day, actually – check out the post from that day here) while I was stuck in court for most of the day. Although this was our son’s first museum visit and I would have loved to go with them, its nice to let them have their own father/son adventures.
Museum With a Young Toddler

Adventure Destination: The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
900 Exposition Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90007

Cost: Adults ($12), Seniors & Students ($9), Children ($5) children 2 & under – FREE

Parking: The museum offers parking, $12 per car and cash only

Stay Length: About 2 hours (with a toddler) including a lunch break

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My Mom’s Mexican Champurrado Recipe

It’s finally cold in California, and by cold I mean it’s finally under 70 degrees. Now the real fun starts, we get to partake in all of the “cold weather” activities that others have now been enjoying for weeks. One of my favorite things to do when it’s cold outside is cuddle up  while enjoying delicious hot treats. One of my favorite hot drinks is the Mexican Champurrado that my mom spices up each winter. 

Champurrado is basically a thick hot chocolate. It has been around since pre-Columbia times among the Aztecs and Maya. Now that I’m a mother I have decided to finally learn my mom’s recipe and hopefully be able to share this part of our culture with my little one.

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Christmas Decor and DIY’s

Christmas Decor and DIY

This Christmas is a very special one for my family as it is the first in our new home. Unfortunately last year our Christmas was tainted by two unpleasant incidents. On December 24th as my husband and I drove back from dropping off our escrow deposit we were told that there was a very high probability our escrow was going to fall through. As if that wasn’t enough, Christmas morning we woke up to the great surprise that our home had been vandalized and there was graffiti all over the front driveway. We knew that we needed to get out of that old neighborhood and thankfully it was in God’s plans to have us move into our new home.

When we were house hunting I fell completely head over heels for this home. One of the many reasons that I loved this home was that it had both a living room and a den, as opposed to our old house, which only had a very small living room. I knew that with an infant and eventually a toddler, I would have to have one room where my little one could go wild and another one where I could channel my inner Martha Stewart. Today I am going to share with you how I decorated my home and also some quick and inexpensive DIY’s to bring in a little Christmas cheer into your home.

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