4 Reasons Why I Want My Son To Play With Dolls.

Reasons Why Boys Should Play With DollsWhat’s your take on boys playing with dolls? This past week American Girl announced the release of its first ever male doll, Logan. The news has been received with joy and excitement by many. The release comes after years of requests by parents for the brand to expand. Others have turned against American Girl and questioned why the company is trying to “alter gender roles” with their latest release. I, for one, as mommy to a toddler boy am with the first group. If we are being honest here, I had already pinned how to make my son his own “American Boy Doll”.

Today I share with you ? reasons why a boy doll is great for the little boys in our lives.

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Ten Ways I am Rocking Motherhood and You Can Too.

I never really saw myself as a mother. As an only child, I enjoy peace, quiet, and personal space. The thought of having children in my home for more than a few hours stressed me out. About two years ago, however, suddenly babies became more adorable, strollers became appealing, and yeah you guessed it, I became pregnant. When my son was born, he turned my world upside down. Motherhood has been an amazing adventures thus far.

One thing I don’t enjoy about motherhood, however, are the so-called “mommy wars.” My first encounter with mommy wars was in a forum when I was pregnant. My second experience came when my son was born and I looked for support due to the difficulty I was experiencing with breastfeeding. I was met with various comments calling me a “bad mom” because I was thinking of foregoing breastfeeding.

As parents we have more than enough on our plates We are all in this together and at the end of the day we are the only ones who truly understand what each of us is going through. Whether we are stay at home moms, working moms, moms of one, or moms of ten, we are all moms. We should be our greatest supporters. Since February is the month of love, I have decided to share with you ten ways that I am rocking motherhood and I invite you to share the ways you are rocking motherhood (or fatherhood.) Remember, we are all different and rock in our own special way.

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