I am a twenty-something year old first-time mom residing in Southern California. I spent the past 19 + years of my life meticulously preparing for my career as a criminal defense and immigration attorney. However, a little over a year ago life surprised me in the best way possible with the one role in my life I have been unable to “study” for: motherhood. My son does not only inspire me every day to become a better person, but he has also inspired my return to the blogging world. (In college I ran a successful soccer blog, which will remain unnamed to spare my embarrassment.) This blog was created as an outlet in which to document my family’s adventures, inspire your own, and create a supporting community. I, in no shape or form believe to have motherhood figured out. In fact, I would be the first to say that I am far from doing so. May you find joy in our adventures and be inspired to share your own.

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