Hello! Nice to have you here, my name is Luz (or Elle to make it easier on you). Adventures With Nico originally started back in 2015 a few short months after the birth of my son. I found myself in the middle of my maternity leave needing a project, as if motherhood wasn’t enough. I also needed an outlet where I could share my experiences as a new mother, the worries, fears, hopes, and triumphs. (Read about one of the reasons why I needed an outlet here.) At the time, however, life got in the way and Adventures With Nico truly took off in 2016 when I needed an outlet to be myself and take a “breather” from work life.

I spent the past nineteen plus years of my life meticulously preparing every detail of my life. With the birth of my son, however, life surprised me in the best way possible with the one role I have been unable to “study” for: motherhood. My son inspires me every day to become a better person, to not conform, to keep on climbing mountains and cracking ceilings. Thankfully, he also inspired me to return to the blogging world. (In college I ran a successful soccer blog which will remain anonymous to spare me the embarrassment.)

When I am not chasing behind my rambunctious son, Nicholas, you can find me trying to change the world one case at a time as an immigration and criminal defense attorney.

This blog was created as an outlet in which to document my family’s adventures, inspire your own, and create a supporting community. I do not have motherhood figured out, but I would love for you to join me in my journey. May you find joy in our adventures and be inspired to share your own.

I would love to connect with you, find me on Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Xoxo- Elle


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