Bunny Easter Wreath DIY + Spring DIY Pinterest Roundup

diy bunny easter wreathMy neighbors may think I’m weird, but I love changing the wreath on our front door for every “holiday.” I also like to decorate the front living room based on the season but that will be for another post. Today I will be sharing with you how I made our Bunny Easter Wreath. I will also be sharing with you a few other DIY’s from fellow #mommybloggers to get you in the spirit and spark that DIY bug up.

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Christmas Decor and DIY’s

Christmas Decor and DIY

This Christmas is a very special one for my family as it is the first in our new home. Unfortunately last year our Christmas was tainted by two unpleasant incidents. On December 24th as my husband and I drove back from dropping off our escrow deposit we were told that there was a very high probability our escrow was going to fall through. As if that wasn’t enough, Christmas morning we woke up to the great surprise that our home had been vandalized and there was graffiti all over the front driveway. We knew that we needed to get out of that old neighborhood and thankfully it was in God’s plans to have us move into our new home.

When we were house hunting I fell completely head over heels for this home. One of the many reasons that I loved this home was that it had both a living room and a den, as opposed to our old house, which only had a very small living room. I knew that with an infant and eventually a toddler, I would have to have one room where my little one could go wild and another one where I could channel my inner Martha Stewart. Today I am going to share with you how I decorated my home and also some quick and inexpensive DIY’s to bring in a little Christmas cheer into your home.

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DIY Woody Cowboy Costume for Toddler.


Last year Nick had several costumes, including Mickey, a sailor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Monster from Where the Wild Things Are. The kid basically lived in costumes all of October. This year my husband and I started brainstorming costume ideas for our little one in the middle of September. Our go tow as Daniel Tiger since Nick is obsessed but quickly realized they didn’t have costumes small enough for him. Since I wanted us three to do a theme, we decided to go for Toy Story. Unfortunately, I could not find a Woody costume anywhere in the park or Downtown Disney area during one of our visits and the costumes I did find at other shops were very plain and expensive. Being the DIY mom that I think I am I decided to make Nick’s costume. I remember my mom made me several costumes when I was little, including a Pocahontas one that I absolutely adored. Keep on reading if you want to know how I made his costume under $20.00.

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DIY Dollar Tree Shelf + Fall Decor.

During our house hunt last year, one of my “must haves” was a fireplace. I always wanted a fireplace, I wanted to decorate the mantle for every season, hang our stockings from it, etc. Unfortunately, the home we ended up purchasing was missing just one thing: that fireplace. Since our current home met all of our other expectations we (or I) ended up letting go of the idea of a fireplace. My husband has promised that eventually he will build me a faux fireplace that I can use to decorate. In the meantime I have came up with a quick and inexpensive fix for my decoration bug: a shelf.



I made this shelf with just $9.00 and it took me less than an hour to make. Mind you I did take a few bubble breaks because my assistant could not concentrate in the task at hand haha. This is what you will need:

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