My Mom’s Mexican Champurrado Recipe

It’s finally cold in California, and by cold I mean it’s finally under 70 degrees. Now the real fun starts, we get to partake in all of the “cold weather” activities that others have now been enjoying for weeks. One of my favorite things to do when it’s cold outside is cuddle up  while enjoying delicious hot treats. One of my favorite hot drinks is the Mexican Champurrado that my mom spices up each winter. 

Champurrado is basically a thick hot chocolate. It has been around since pre-Columbia times among the Aztecs and Maya. Now that I’m a mother I have decided to finally learn my mom’s recipe and hopefully be able to share this part of our culture with my little one.

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Pumpkin Empanadas for the Holidays.


A few weeks ago I mentioned in a post that my husband had made some delicious pumpkin empanadas. I promised I would share the recipe and here it is, finally! You can go ahead and read that post here. Before we begin, it is only fair for me to say that I cannot cook to save my life. While I like baking, my baking is also very limited. This was all my husband’s product, he even grew the pumpkins used in our very own backyard. I just watched and well, ate the final (yummy) product.

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