A Morning at Smorgasburg LA + Mommy & Son Outfits

A Morning at Smorgasburg LA + Mommy and Son Outfits

The first weekend of April my boys and I ventured off to meet up with some friends at Smorgasburg LA. I should disclose that even though our house is about 17 miles from Downtown Los Angeles we hardly make it out there. During the week my husband and I spend countless hours in the traffic and crowds of the city, so on the weekends we like to stay away from all of that. With that being said, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend time with close friends and enjoy delicious food.

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Casual Mom Outfit at the Zoo.

Casual Mom Outfit at the LA Zoo

Being a mommy to a toddler means running around all day. As much as I would love to dress up and wear heels during the weekend, most of the time I usually opt for a more casual look. When I am with my little one, my top priority is comfort. It’s tiring enough running behind an almost two year old. With that being said, sometimes I struggle finding an outfit that is casual, comfortable, and “stylish”.

The outfit I share with you today is one I wore for a day at the Los Angeles Zoo a few weeks back. I had initially planned a warmer weather outfit, but Southern California surprised us that weekend with a few rainstorms. After seeing the forecast I decided to wear something a bit more cozy.

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Polka Dots in Court: A Casual Office Outfit

My first outfit post received such great support so I am incorporating more fashion and beauty posts to the blog. Make sure to stay connected and don’t miss a beat as new and exciting things are coming to the blog.

I had promised on Facebook that I was going to have this post up earlier today but I had a very awkward day. Somehow, someway, on my walk to court this morning I managed to cut my ankle. Initially I thought I had just hit myself so I kept on walking. I realized after going through security and looking down at my shoes that there was blood on my foot. (yuck!) Although minimal, the cut caused my foot to swell up. Putting any pressure on it hurt horribly. The pain is now gone and I [hopefully]may be able to walk tomorrow without limping. What a day, right? The good thing about this incident is that I realized I should have a little first aid kit with me — and possibly slow down haha. Now onto the outfit post.

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Business Casual Outfit Of The Day

Psst, can I tell you a little secret? I’ve always wanted to do fashion posts, but I’ve been a tad bit apprehensive. Thankfully, a few fellow #mommybloggers have given me that extra little push that I needed and here we are now. I have decided to add a new section to the blog dedicated to women’s fashion. I’m not sure what to call it yet, but would greatly appreciate any suggestions in the comments.

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Woman with tory burch satchel business casual

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